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Another Successful Season

Second Elk rifle Season in Colorado is now history. Im back in the shop getting some rifles ready for shipping and have a time for a brief report.

First day was slow for us this year. We saw elk, but they were at quite a distance and on private land. We didn't see the usual number of hunters either, perhaps that is why so few elk were moving. The weather was also a factor. It was chilly and snow was in the air. In fact we had small snow storms almost every other day. Second day was a different story. Elk were moving in and out of their usual haunts, and our guys had two hanging by early afternoon. The next day snow made tracking and finding a bit easier. Many we spoke to had not seen an elk yet. And then it got cold. Again, elk were moving. I might add that one elk was shot at 722 yards. The following day two more elk were hanging under the shade tree where we camp.The combination of 300 Ultra Mag and the Nightforce scope made our custom rifle incredibly accurate. We are finding that 400 yards is about average for our shooting, and 500-700 yards is increasingly more common. Shooting at that distance requires a few things: Practice. Patience. A reliable accurate weapon (thus our passion for custom rifles). A scope that will perform at that range. And here is a secret....a Kestrel Wind Meter ( Worth every penny.

I am hoping your elk/mule deer/whitetail hunting season was fabulous. There is nothing like being with friends, hunting hard on public land, finding elk, making a clean kill and then helping your buddies pack the elk out (in our case a 4 mile hike followed 10 mile 4 wheeler ride back to camp).

Now other hunting adventures are calling us. We are in the shop most weeks. If you are dreaming of a new quality custom rifle for next season, call us. We would love to show you what our rifles can do for you.

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