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Hunters First, Gunbuilding Second

Welcome to Stonehaven Arms, LLC.  Stonehaven Arms has been designing and building superior hunting rifles since 2005.  Beginning as a Senior High School project, inspired by Jack E. (John) Korznek, Riflesmith (Windfall, PA) and mentored by Johnny Stoppa, gun builder (Williamsport, PA), we have been perfecting the Hunting Rifle for the serious Big Game and Varmint Hunter.

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More than Gunsmithing


Custom Builds:

Our Primary Purpose

Is there a rifle you dream about?  We can build you a wonderful custom rifle with better components than you will get from an "off the shelf" firearm.  Our prices are comparable to those of the big "custom" shops.  Our Quality will exceed those shops and we guarantee our products.  

Customization of your Favorite Firearm

Do you already have a firearm you like but you want to upgrade its ability?  We are here to help.  You might be surprised what adding a precision trigger, or glass bedding, or moving to a lighter stock, adding a muzzle break or a new performance scope will make in your shooting ability and confidence.  We can make your dream a reality.  

Helping DIY Hunters reach goals

We respect all people who love the great outdoors, but our primary focus is for the folks who like the challenge of "Do It Yourself" (DIY) hunting.   You can't top heading to the big woods with a few friends, scouting, finding, and ethically taking game with your team.  DIY is our ideal.

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Stonehaven Arms, LLC is More Than Rifles


Superior Handguns

Having a dependable handgun is crucial for both hunting and self-defense situation.  You can spend less and get less or you can gradually move toward a more reliable handgun.  We can help you make those choices.


Training, Coaching and Certification

 Interested in Concealed Carry Certification? Or perhaps some coaching for Rifle, Shotgun or pistols?  We are here for you.  Greg (Master Gunbuilder, on left) is a former Olympic Shotgun US champion and Bronze medal winner in International  Competition.  Jeff (semi-retired Counselor) is NRA and USCCA certified Instructor in Shotgun, Pistol and Concealed Carry/Home Defense.


Concealed Carry Certification Courses are offered on a monthly basis.  See below for more information.

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